Area Natural Gas Utilities Working Together

Update on Smith County Natural Gas Pipeline Incident:

On Saturday, December 15th, a natural gas transmission line failure in Smith County, TN impacted a natural gas supply pipeline, cutting off all natural gas supply from this section of pipeline that serves many utilities in East TN. Enbridge, the company that owns the pipeline, advised local natural gas utilities today that the repairs of the impacted section of pipeline could last into "early or mid-January."

The magnitude of this event is unprecedented for this area. As utilites, we operate independently and will feel the impacts of this event differently, but we are all impacted by this event. The mild weather is helping to lessen the need for natural gas, however, the weather in East TN is always subject to change.

Natural gas utility providers in this area are working together. Where applicable, utilities have curtailed the usage of their large, interruptible customers which helps lessen the amount of natural gas being consumed. Utilities and industry and commercial cutomers are working together to ensure the natural gas systems weather this event with minimal impact to residential customers.

As we work together, our residential customers can also work with us. Customers who can are encouraged to reduce their natural gas usage. Some ways you can reduce include:

  • Turn down the thermostats on natural gas heating units and water heaters
  • Wash laundry in cold water
  • Reduce the usage of natural gas appliances such as fireplace logs and clothes dryers
  • Consider alternative cooking methods

Jefferosn Cocke County Utility District, Knoxville Utilities Board, Lenoir City Utilities Board and Sevier County Utilities District want to thank all of our customers for their patience, understanding and teamwork. We are all monitoring the repairs and will be updating our service areas as information from Engridge becomes available. Please visit Enbridge's website for additional media information at