Generation Partners

Generation Partners SM is a TVA renewable energy initiative that provides technical support and incentives for the installation of renewable generation facilities. It was started as a pilot program in 2003 as a result of requests from users of TVA power.

Generation Partners requires two meters at the location; one to measure regular electricity consumption and another that meters the amount of electricity generated by the approved renewable system. TVA purchases 100 percent of the green energy output and then uses customer-generated sources in addition to other solar, wind, low-impact hydropower, and biomass to supply its Green Power Switch resources.

What are the benefits of participation in Generation Partners?

Program participants support the environment by helping keep the Tennessee Valley clean and green. For example, a 3 kW system's annual benefits are equal to planting an acre of trees or taking a car off the road for four months. In addition, solar systems help improve air quality by reducing emissions of fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide. Participants also benefit by defraying the costs of their renewable system installation and lowering their monthly energy bills through the revenue they receive from the sale of the green power.

Projects that generate electricity from technologies using any of the following sources are eligible: solar, wind, low-impact hydropower, and biomass. Biomass includes all solid, liquid, and gaseous forms of woody waste, agricultural crops or waste, animal or other organic waste, energy crops, landfill gas, and wastewater methane.

Is there a deadline to get my system installed?

An eligible generating system must be installed within six months of TVA's approval. Systems that do not meet the 6 month installation deadline must reapply, subject to the terms and conditions of the program at the time TVA provides final approval on the agreement.

In the event of a power outage, will I be able to supply power to my home?

In order to be a participant in Generation Partners, the system must be connected to and generate power to the grid. Each installation must have a grid-tied inverter that synchronizes the power generated within the utility grid, and also prevents electricity from flowing to the grid during an outage. For the safety of line workers, inverters must stop sending generation to the grid when there is a grid failure. This is a serious concern for utilities because they do not want any utility lines to be energized while they are trying to fix the cause of the power outage.

It is recommended in the interconnection and parallel operation agreement that the participant be required to install a manual, lockage, visible load break disconnect switch between the generation facility and the distribution system. The participant must also ensure that the manual disconnect is readily accessible to LCUB.

Due to these safety concerns, Generation Partners participants will not be able to supply power to their homes during an outage and should discuss other outage options with LCUB.

How do I sign-up for Generation Partners?

To become a Generation Partner, contact us to start the application process. The first step of the process is to apply for interconnection with the power grid. Once approved, participation and interconnection agreements are signed. After LCUB approves the application, it is forwarded to TVA for final approval. Once you obtain final approval from TVA, you can purchase and install an eligible renewable generation system.

Where can I obtain additional information?

TVA includes comprehensive information about Generation Partners on their website. A program overview brochure is also available.