Green Power Switch

Green Power Switch is a simple way for you to increase regional renewable energy today for a cleaner environment tomorrow. For as little as $4 per month, you can do your part to support renewable electricity such as wind, solar, and bio-energy.

Renewable energy still costs more than traditional energy; Green Power Switch purchases help cover the difference in cost. Each $4 block of Green Power Switch ensures 150 kWh of electricity is generated in the Tennessee Valley region by a renewable resource. This is in addition to the renewable and clean energy already included in the standard energy supply. 150 kWh is slightly more energy than the average monthly output of a typical solar panel (averaged over the course of a year). TVA and LCUB do not make any additional profit from Green Power Switch sales.

With my purchase, do I get green power at my home or meter?

No. The electrons do not flow directly from the renewable energy generator to your residence or business. Instead, the purchase of Green Power Switch ensures that electricity from renewable resources is generated and added to the power grid. Renewable energy partners are connected to the electric grid just as conventional electricity generators are. Once electricity from renewable sources enters the grid, it mixes with electricity from conventional resources. Because electrons from different kinds of resources look the same, it is impossible to know if the electricity you are using comes from "green" electricity sources or other electricity sources.

If I buy Green Power Switch, how does this decision help?

A purchase of Green Power Switch creates demand for renewable energy in the Tennessee Valley region. According to the EPA, the purchase of one megawatt-hour (1,000 kWh) of renewable energy from Tennessee will avoid an estimated 1,917 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, which is the equivalent to the CO2 emissions from 97.5 gallons of gasoline consumed. Zero-emissions electricity resources like wind and solar help keep the air in the Tennessee Valley cleaner, while supporting clean-technology economic development in the region.

How much does Green Power Switch cost?

Green Power Switch is sold to residential customers in 150 kWh blocks. This amount represents about 12 percent of a typical household's average monthly energy use. Each block adds $4 to the customer's monthly power bill. Customers may buy as many blocks as they like. Green Power Switch is also available to commercial and industrial consumers, who are asked to buy blocks based on the amount of energy they use.

Why does green power cost more than conventional energy?

Although renewable sources like sunlight and wind are free, the technology used to capture the energy they produce is generally more expensive than traditional power generation methods. Hopefully increased demand for renewable energy will lead to expanded power production capacity and, eventually, to lower costs. To learn more about renewable energy, visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) website.

How will I be billed?

Green Power Switch charges will appear on your regular utility bill as an additional line item.

How do I sign up for Green Power Switch?

Review the product brochure from TVA for complete information on the program and then contact LCUB to add blocks of Green Power Switch to your monthly utility bill.