Southeastern Green Power Switch

LCUB is pleased to be one of the first utilities in the region to offer businesses the ability to purchase home-grown renewable energy credits (RECs) with Green Power Switch’s Southeastern Renewable Energy Certificates pilot program! Southeastern Renewable Energy Certificates are an environmental commodity that represent the environmental attributes of renewable energy and are generated in this region.

Renewable energy facilities generate one REC for every megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity they create. The purchase of a REC transfers the legal right to the renewable energy attributes from the energy generator to you, the customer.

Green Power Switch Southeastern RECs not only give your organization the ability to make renewable energy claims, but also demonstrates to your customers and stakeholders that you are a supporter of regional green initiatives. Depending upon the size of your purchase, you may be eligible for our robust recognition program which is designed to ensure that others are aware of your commitment.

What are the target market and eligibility requirements for Southeastern RECs?

Because the minimum purchase means an annual investment of $6,000 (2,000 REC at $3 each), the expected audience for this Green Power Switch option is large corporations and institutions; however, any customer who wishes to commit to the minimum purchase amount can participate.

What is the cost difference?

The Southeastern REC option costs $3 per REC. Each REC represents 1,000 kWh of renewable power.

Option Cost Unit Size Minimum Purchase
Green Power Switch - Southeastern REC $3 / REC 1 REC = 1,000 kWh 2,000 REC (2,000 MWh)
Green Power Switch - Original $4 / block 1 block = 150 kWh 1 - 375 blocks
(based on energy consumption)

What are the terms and conditions of the program?

Additional information about the price, terms, and conditions of the program is available here.

Where do the RECs for Green Power Switch Southeastern RECs come from?

The RECs come from renewable energy generation sources in the southeast energy market (defined by the SERC Reliability Corporation) which includes the entire TVA service territory. The energy resources are currently from independently owned low-impact hydro, but the supply options will include all Green-e certifiable resources within the SERC region. Each year, Green Power Switch discloses to customers the generation sources used to supply the program in its Product Content Label.

Where can I find the Product Content Label?

The Product Content Label for Southeastern RECs Green Power Switch is available here.

How long will Green Power Switch Southeastern REC be available?

Southeastern RECs is currently a pilot program and has been extended through 2013. TVA will continue to monitor the program to determine if it should be extended.

Is Green Power Switch Southeastern RECs certified?

Yes. Like the original Green Power Switch Block product, Green Power Switch Southeastern RECs is Green-e Energy® certified.

Where can I learn more?

EPA published an informative primer on Renewable Energy Certificates, available here. You can also visit TVA's Southeastern RECs Green Power Switch website for additional information.