Generator Safety Tips

Now that colder weather has moved into East Tennessee so has  the threat of severe winter storms and the potential for emergencies and power outages. While LCUB will always do our very best to maintain and restore power to all of our customers, many of your may own generators to help get you through such an emergency, so we wish to pass along these very important safety precautions.

  • Most importantly, NEVER use a generator inside. Gasoline or diesel powered generators produce carbon monoxide that quickly fill an enclosed area and could cause death
  • Prevent back feed. Never connect a generator to your home's wiring. Portable generators must be properly installed to ensure the safety of neighbors and utility employees working to restore downed lines
  • Only used properly sized and grounded extension cords
  • When connecting appliances to a generator, do so one at a time so as not to overload the generator
  • Turn off generator before adding fuel to it
  • Routinely inspect to ensure it its in good condition

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