How to Prepare for a Major Storm

First and foremost, pre-register your phone number(s) to your LCUB account now on our automated response system. That way if you do need to call and report a power outage, the system will recognize the number and automatically alert our crews of your location. There are 4 easy steps and it only takes a minute to register! Click here for instructions.

If a Major Storm is Headed Our Way, Make Sure You're Ready

  • Don't get caught in the dark - Have a lights-out kit that's well stocked and handy. Include flashlights, fresh batteries, and a battery-operated radio or TV so that you can tune-in to local stations for weather updates.

  • Cool it down - If you have plenty of warning that a storm is approaching go ahead and turn your freezer and refrigerator to the coldest setting. That way if the power does go out, it will help keep food cool longer.

  • Watch your water - Stock up on bottled water and fill up your bathtub and spare containers. 

  • Plug protection - Be sure to protect your major appliances, computers and other electronically sensitive equipment by either unplugging them or using a surge protector.

  • Don't run on empty - Hopefully you can manage to get out and about before too long depending on the type of storm and its intensity, so fill your car's gas tank ahead of time.