McFee Feeder Upgrade

To all property owners near the McFee Feeder Upgrade (click HERE to see location area), we want to inform you of an important transmission line rebuild project that is being planned by the Lenoir City Utilities Board (LCUB) for the area in and around your property along LCUB’s right-of-way. The existing transmission line utilizes a combination of steel and wood structures designed and installed in the 1950’s and has reached its effective life expectancy. Throughout the years, numerous repairs have been made to maintain the safety and integrity of the line and it has now become necessary to completely rebuild the line in order to provide and maintain system reliability. This project will replace the existing transmission line supports with steel structures to meet current LCUB requirements and industry standards. Extensive planning, engineering and surveying have been employed to design a plan for replacement of the electrical transmission line with the least possible disturbance to properties. Due to new standards and electrical system requirements, current structure locations and number of structures will be modified and may impact your property throughout our right-of-way.

LCUB has bid the project and construction is scheduled to start the week of February 13th. Starting then and continuing over the subsequent six months, survey crews and construction crews will be staking and installing the new structures and will be working in the transmission line right-of-way. If questions should arise regarding this transmission line project, you may contact LCUB to discuss the nature and progression of this project.

Thank you for your understanding with this important project.