Work, play, and innovate with speeds more than 20x faster.

Starting at $150/mo

2.5 Gigs

Explore the world at 2.5 Gig-speed

LCUB’s best internet value delivers equal upload & download speeds up to 2,500 Mbps without data caps, contracts or surprise bills — all backed by 24/7 expert local customer service.


Share files faster and stream online meetings flawlessly with upload speeds equal to your 2,500 Mbps downloads.


Outpace your opponents and impress your team with low-latency speed for no-lag online gaming.


Enjoy flawless streaming, even movies in 4K, on multiple connected devices at the same time.


2.5 GIG



  • 2.5 Gig Internet
  • Voice Service

2.5 GIG
Internet Only



  • 2.5 Gig Internet


2.5 Gig

Voice and WiFi



  • 2.5 Gig Internet
  • Voice Service
  • Managed WiFi


Leave the competition in the dust

Not sure you need 2.5 Gigs of speed? Check out our 1 Gig broadband with symmetrical upload and download service.

Share more

Upload & download in seconds


Equal speeds

2,000 Mbps uploads & downloads

Smooth streaming

Stream on all your devices

Add LCUB Managed Services

Get WiFi coverage for every corner of your home

LCUB brings you whole-home WiFi coverage, concierge-level WiFi setup for your devices, and a high-speed gigabit router for $15.00 per month.

Still want to use your own WiFi equipment? Consider this:

  • No-cost, unlimited tech support 24/7/365
  • Complete setup of your home’s WiFi network
  • Free router replacement with the latest equipment
  • No upfront equipment costs
  • Cancel anytime

Our Promise To You


Free Installation

Expert, local customer service available 24/7

No Contracts

No surprise bills or complicated pricing plans

Open Internet

Net neutral traffic, no data caps, complete privacy

Reliable Energy

Dependable, cost-efficient & sustainable energy solutions

Advanced Technology

Continually researching and innovating next-level solutions

Community Commitment

Improving quality of life, job growth, and sustainability

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Equal Payment Plan

Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Plan

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