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Work, play, and innovate with speeds more than 20x faster.

$99.99/mo includes managed WiFi

2.5 Gigs

Explore the world at 2.5 Gig-speed

LCUB’s best internet value delivers equal upload & download speeds up to 2,500 Mbps without data caps, contracts or surprise bills — all backed by 24/7 expert local customer service.


Share files faster and stream online meetings flawlessly with upload speeds equal to your 2,500 Mbps downloads.


Outpace your opponents and impress your team with low-latency speed for no-lag online gaming.


Enjoy flawless streaming, even movies in 4K, on multiple connected devices at the same time.


Leave the competition in the dust

Not sure you need 2.5 Gigs of speed? Check out our 1 Gig broadband with symmetrical upload and download service.

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Upload & download in seconds


Equal speeds

2,500 Mbps uploads & downloads

Smooth streaming

Stream on all your devices

What is LCUB Managed WiFi?

Get WiFi coverage for every corner of your home

LCUB brings you whole-home WiFi coverage, concierge-level WiFi setup for your devices, and a high-speed gigabit router.

Still want to use your own WiFi equipment? Consider this:

  • No-cost, unlimited tech support 24/7/365
  • Complete setup of your home’s WiFi network
  • Free router replacement with the latest equipment
  • No upfront equipment costs
  • Cancel anytime

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Free Installation

Expert, local customer service available 24/7

No Contracts

No surprise bills or complicated pricing plans

Open Internet

Net neutral traffic, no data caps, complete privacy

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Dependable, cost-efficient & sustainable energy solutions

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Continually researching and innovating next-level solutions

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Improving quality of life, job growth, and sustainability