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Electrical Service Policy

General Information

At the time of service application and upon request, LCUB will provide customers with a copy of the current service practice policies and the current rates applicable to customers with a written and / or oral explanation of the rate schedule. 

Historical Usage Summary

Upon request, a customer can receive a statement of his or her monthly kWh consumption for the past 12 months. LCUB does not charge for this service. Customers may request this information in person at one of our Customer Service Centers, by phone, or mail.

Base Rate and Policy Changes

LCUB will notify customers about any proposed, significant changes in our rates and / or policies at least thirty (30) days prior to implementation by using one or more of the following communication avenues: mail, newsletter, newspaper advertisement, public service announcements on radio and / or television, public displays at our Customer Service Centers, and / or LCUB’s website.

Power Outages

If your electric service is interrupted, please contact us and follow the automated system prompts. LCUB representatives are available to take outage-related calls 24 hours a day.

Meter Tests

LCUB, at its own expense, conducts spot tests and inspections of electric meters to ensure a high standard of accuracy. Customers may request additional tests or inspections if they believe a problem exists. All customer-requested inspections that show the meter is accurate within a two percent (2%) margin of error, will be assessed a $25.00 testing fee and no bill adjustments will be made. If a customer-requested inspection shows that the meter is not accurate within a two percent (2%) margin of error, LCUB will adjust the customer’s bill appropriately and charge no inspection fee to the customer.

Application for Service

To establish service, all customers must complete a standard application for service prior to installation and activation. Adequate identification is required, including one photo government-issued ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport, etc.) and a second, government issued card (e.g. social security card, birth certificate, voter registration card, etc.).

Limitations of Liability

LCUB’s limitation of liability will not extend beyond the customer’s delivery point. The delivery point is defined as the point at which LCUB’s facility connects with the customer’s facility. In most situations, this location is the customer-owned weatherhead for overhead service or at LCUB’s transformer secondary bushings for underground service.

In accordance with TVA operating rules, LCUB is not liable for lightning damage, power surges and resulting damage, low or high voltage conditions, loss of power, or any other abnormal, temporary system condition caused by weather, long-term equipment failures, or other causes not due to direct negligence by LCUB or its employees. The customer is responsible for purchasing and installing any protective devices required to protect equipment from any temporary, abnormal system condition that may occur occasionally.

Customer Service Installation Fee

A standard charge of $25.00 will be applied to all classes of electric service to activate service. Higher charges may be applicable if activation requests are made outside of normal business hours or if special services warrant.


Security Lights

A standard charge of $25.00 will be applied to all classes of electric service to initially install a security light. If a pole is required, an additional service charge of $100.00 applies. The installation fees are not included in the monthly service rate for security lights. 

Mobile Home Service Poles

LCUB assesses a $100.00 service charge to set service poles for mobile homes.

Mobile Home Service Poles

LCUB assesses a $100.00 service charge to set service poles for mobile homes.

Security Deposits

LCUB assesses a security deposit on all customers. More information about the security deposit is available by viewing the Security Deposit Policy.


LCUB bills in arrears on a monthly cycle and mails a bill to each service location. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the customer of his or her payment obligation. Due dates are at least fifteen (15) days after the bill mailing date. If the due date falls on a Sunday or holiday, the due date automatically becomes the next business day.

If a customer fails to pay his or her bill by the due date, late fees and / or penalties will be assessed. Late fees are calculated as a flat five percent (5%) charge of the first $250.00 of the electric bill plus one percent (1%) of all charges above the first $250.00, excluding other charges and sales tax, if applicable.

Equal Pay Plan

LCUB offers an equal pay (budget billing) plan. More information is available on the Equal Pay Plan page.

Service Policy

Service Termination and Collection Policy

LCUB reserves the right to terminate service for non payment, in accordance with our Service Termination and Collection Policy. More information is available by reviewing the Service Termination and Collection Policy page.


To All Contractors

Due to supply chain issues, LCUB will not install two (2) 200Amp meters on a single residential home for a 400Amp service. LCUB will also not install CT metering for residential services less than 600Amp.