Surge Protectors

Surge ProtectorsLCUB offers surge protector installation services! At a customer’s request and upon receipt of the $48.00 equipment fee, LCUB will install a Surge-Tec surge protector at the electric service meter. LCUB provides these devices as a convenience to our customers. They are cost effective and designed to provide an approximate 85% level of protection against surges and spikes that regularly occur on all utility systems.

There is no device that can guarantee a 100% level of protection against unpredictable surges under long-term service conditions. LCUB, as an added protection feature, recommends that all customers purchase and install high quality surge protector power strips for use inside the home with devices such as computers, satellite TV receivers, televisions, DVR equipment, stereo equipment, and similar sensitive devices. This protection, combined with the Surge-Tec complete home surge protector, provides an even higher level of protection.

Additionally, customers should always unplug or turn off all sensitive electrical or electronic equipment during storms. Surge protectors also rely on proper grounding to work correctly. Every customer should install and maintain an electrical ground rod at the meter base or main service panel. The ground rod, along with the corresponding wire, should be inspected annually.

Surge protection devices can fail under certain conditions. LCUB does not warranty the performance of any surge protector nor makes any claims or warranties regarding the use, repair, replacement, or liability of these devices. Upon customer request, LCUB will visually inspect any LCUB-installed surge protector that is suspect. If is visibly faulty, LCUB will replace it, at the current cost, for the customer. LCUB does not perform detailed testing to determine the actual state of the device; customers should contact a licensed electrician if they want specialized device testing.

To order a Surge-Tec protector or to obtain additional information about installation services, please click here to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.