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The LCUB Gas Department serves Lenoir City and the immediate surrounding area with approximately 194 miles of natural gas mains serving approximately 6,510 customers. The natural gas system has firm transportation contracts in place with Enbridge (East Tennessee Natural Gas), and LCUB has a contract with Enbridge for 5,268 Dth/day, as a large customer. This system has two gas supply contracts with ETNG/Enbridge serving our City Gate and the Hwy 321 location.  Both delivery points are supplied with 4,785 Dth/day through contract with Enbridge and an additional contract with Symmetry Energy Solutions (MEAC) for 2500 MMBtu.

LCUB Gas System Facts

  • Symmetry Energy Solutions
  • Gas Mains: 194 miles
  • Customers Served: 6,510
  • Peak Capacity: 5,268 Dth
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