Gas Design Criteria

The requirements below are intended as a guide to the critical items required by the Rules, Regulations, Rate, and Policies of Lenior City Utilities Board’s (“LCUB”) Gas Department. The engineer must be familiar with and meet all design standards of LCUB. It is strongly recommended that a predesign conference be scheduled with a preliminary development layout including as features available for the conference.

LCUB General Requirements

General Plan of Gas and Detailed Plan of Gas Distribution Systems:

  1. All plans must be approximately 24″ x 36″
  2. Maximum scale for plans and profiles: 50 feet / inch.
  3. Must include the name of the gas system and the county in which it is located.
  4. The engineer’s name, address, and telephone number must appear on Page 1.
  5. Plans must be stamped and signed by a licensed engineer.
  6. Include a vicinity or location map showing the location of the project if a complete system map is not included.
  7. A key map that shows the location of detailed drawings is required when the project is comprehensive.
  8. Maps must clearly show the location, size, and material of all existing and newly planned gas lines and appurtenances related to the project.
  9. Stream crossings, including elevations of the stream bed and the normal / extreme high and low water levels (if available) must be included.
  10. Maps must clearly show how the location of proposed gas lines coincides with nearby roads, bridges, and other identifiable objects.
  11.  All valves, tees, reducers, enlargers, bends, and other appurtenances (stationing) must be visible on maps.
  12.  Plans must be clear and legible.

    LCUB Additional Requirements

    LCUB requires the following items, in addition to the list above:

    1.The first page of the plans must include the following:

    • Project layout map with project name and design date.
    • Developer’s name, address, and phone number.
    • Property owner’s name, address, and phone number.
    • Servicing utility’s name, address, and phone number (LCUB, 7698 Creekwood Park Blvd., Lenoir City, TN 37772, 1-844-687-5282).

    2.The items below must be included in the plans:

    • Rights of way and easements needed for the gas lines that fall inside / outside of the property.
    • Lot lines and locations shown on all plan views, including lot numbers.
    • Street names, edge of pavement locations, and the appropriate rights of way.
    • Locations of proposed service connections. Taps must be spaced to avoid conflict with other utilities.
    • A 100 foot stationing of gas lines and stationing of all appurtenances on plan and included profile views.
    • Sufficient details shown to allow for material take off and location of lines in the field by a third party.
    • For all gas lines, conflicting structures at utility crossings must be shown. This must include a short profile view of all utility crossings of the gas line where new utility lines are being constructed.
    • When included, profiles must be on the same sheet as the plan and oriented in the same direction (they can also be included as inserts on a plan sheet if appropriate).
    • Project name, date, scale, north arrow, and sheets numbers on all pages.
    • Inclusion of LCUB detail sheets.
    • Revisions tabulated on resubmissions.

    3.The developer (owner) and / or contractor shall adhere to LCUB Standard Specifications and Details.

    4.The developer (owner) and / or contractor must install 3-way valve clusters at all roadway intersections.

    5.The developer (owner) and / or contractor must install all gas taps, service lines, meter risers / cutoffs, and casings per LCUB standard specifications for the new development.

    General Design Notes

    The following notes must appear on all plans:

      1  All work to be performed will be in accordance with Lenoir City Utilities Board’s gas department (current edition) specification and details.

      2  Pre-construction conference shall be conducted with Lenoir City Utilities Board’s representatives, design engineer, and utility contractor prior to any utilities construction activities begin.

      3  Gas line materials, installation, and testing per Lenoir City Utilities Board gas department standards (current edition).

      4  Contractor must provide and install all service line meter risers / cutoffs required for this project.

      5  Contractor shall perform all gas line taps required for this project.

      6  Construction and inspection must be supervised by a representative of the design engineering firm  so that the required professional engineer certification can be made to LCUB. LCUB will not accept utilities that have not been certified in writing.