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Subdivision / Existing Subdivision Expansion Policy

General Information

Lenoir City Utilities Board Gas Department will provide natural gas service to all subdivisions within our service territory, given the following conditions:

    1. If natural gas is available where a new subdivision or an existing subdivision expansion will be developed, LCUB will provide natural gas service to the development  in accordance with the practices establishes and listed below in the Construction Information section.
    2. If natural gas is not available, LCUB will extend an existing 2 inch main 500 feet, an existing 4 inch main 200 feet, and an existing 6 inch main 200 feet at no charge to the developer / owner.
    3. If additional footage is required to reach the development, the developer / owner is responsible for the total cost (labor and material) of the remaining footage necessary to reach the development. This cost  must be paid to LCUB prior to any work being done.
    4. The main line expansion (2 inch or larger) to reach the development, if required, will be extended to the farthest property line, at the discretion of LCUB.
    5. Once the main line has been extended and made available to serve the development, the practices established in the Construction section must be followed.


Construction Information
For a subdivision development or expansion to an existing subdivision where LCUB will provide natural gas service, LCUB will provide the following:

    1. Polyethylene pipe for the main line (2 inch or larger).
    2. Polyethylene pipe for the service line laterals (3/4 inch).
    3. Tracer wire (#12 copper clad steel or larger).
    4. Polyethylene valves.
    5. Valve boxes.
    6. Polyethylene fittings (including LYCO / Electrofusion fittings).
    7. Labor necessary to make all tie-ins.
    8. Natural gas main and service laterals pressure test.
    9. Engineering and design work for natural gas main in subdivision.
    10. Inspection of open ditches to ensure compliance.
    11. All State submittals and approvals for natural gas tie-ins located on the State right of way.

For a subdivision development or expansion to an existing subdivision where LCUB will provide natural gas service, the developer / owner shall provide the following:

    1. Open and close all ditches for natural gas main lines (2 inch or larger) according to LCUB Gas Engineering design specifications (LCUB Gas Standards § 6(1.4) and § 9(2.1)).
    2. Open and close all ditches and install service line laterals (3/4 inch) according to LCUB Gas Engineering Design Specifications (LCUB Gas Standards § 7(2.2) and § 9(2.1)).
    3. Supply and install casings for all main line (2 inch or larger) road crossings as required by LCUB Gas Engineering design specifications.
    4. Minimum notice of 2 working days for requests of ditch inspection and approval.
    5. Minimum notice of 5 working days for requests to have pipe installed in open ditches for main lines (2 inch or larger).
    6. All Tennessee One Call locate requests for the development.

LCUB reserves the right to require the developer / owner to install the gas main / tracer in the ditch.

The actual cots associated with any main line (2 inch or larger) and / or service line (3/4 inch) road bores shall be paid by the developer / owner.

A mandatory preconstruction meeting will be held between the developer / owner and / or representatives and LCUB Gas Engineering and / or the Authorized Project Representative to discuss all pertinent issues related to the development.

All requirements for installation must be followed according to LCUB Gas Department Standards and Specifications for natural gas. LCUB Gas Engineering must preapprove any changes in design or construction prior to implementation of the requested changes.