Equal Payment Plan

LCUB’s Equal Pay Plan offers customers a convenient and predictable way to budget and pay your utility bill each month! During enrollment, LCUB analyzes a 12 month historical usage at your address and calculates an average monthly payment amount. Your bill amount is the same each month!

Program Terms and Conditions

Review the following additional terms and conditions:

  • Historical Usage for Customer: The customer is required to have lived at the residence for a minimum of 12 months prior to enrolling in the Equal Pay Plan.
  • Customer Exclusions: Commercial and / or business customers are not eligible to participate in the Equal Pay Plan program.
  • Equal Pay Amount: The Equal Pay Amount is computed by taking the average monthly bill for the most recent 12 month historical period, plus ten percent to allow for cost fluctuation.
  • Annual Reconciliation: Each August or September, the Equal Pay Amount is recalculated using the most recent 12 month usage history. Overpayments by the customer are credited to the August or September bill; underpayments by the customer are due with the August or September payment.
  • Additional Reconciliation Periods: After six months, LCUB may review a customer’s account and change the Equal Pay Amount if usage during the previous 6 month period is substantially different from the original 12 month historical period used to calculate the original Equal Pay Amount.
  • Program Ineligibility: LCUB may terminate any customer from the Equal Pay Plan who has a delinquent balance older than 10 days. A customer may terminate participation in the program at any time by notifying LCUB.

Enrollment Process
To enroll, complete the Equal Pay Plan Customer Agreement and return it to LCUB.

    1. If natural gas is available where a new subdivision or an existing subdivision expansion will be developed, LCUB will provide natural gas service to the development  in accordance with the practices establishes and listed below in the Construction Information section.
    2. If natural gas is not available, LCUB will extend an existing 2 inch main 500 feet, an existing 4 inch main 200 feet, and an existing 6 inch main 200 feet at no charge to the developer / owner.
    3. If additional footage is required to reach the development, the developer / owner is responsible for the total cost (labor and material) of the remaining footage necessary to reach the development. This cost  must be paid to LCUB prior to any work being done.
    4. The main line expansion (2 inch or larger) to reach the development, if required, will be extended to the farthest property line, at the discretion of LCUB.
    5. Once the main line has been extended and made available to serve the development, the practices established in the Construction section must be followed.