Service Termination Policy

When an account becomes past due, LCUB diligently provides notification to the affected customer and outlines the necessary actions a customer must take to avoid disconnection.


All accounts not paid within 10 days after the due date printed on your monthly bill are subject to disconnection for nonpayment. Before your service is disconnected for nonpayment, LCUB will mail a Late Notice letter to the address on your LCUB account. Payment should be made before the stated disconnect date listed on this notice, or utility service(s) may be disconnected without further notice or contact from our office.

This notice will include:

  • The outstanding amount due, including any penalty charges.
  • The final date and location a payment will be accepted to avoid service termination.
  • Hearing application instructions if the bill amount is disputed.

LCUB also prints a disconnection notice on the next monthly bill if you have a delinquent balance; however, service may be disconnected for nonpayment prior to receiving your next bill.

Service Disconnection

If a full payment, payment arrangements, or hearing request is not received by the termination date, service disconnection will occur on the termination date. The LCUB representative terminating service will attempt a final, onsite attempt to contact the customer immediately before disconnecting service.


Bill dispute hearings are conducted at LCUB Administrative Offices daily from 9:00am until 11:00am. Alternate appointment times may be scheduled at LCUB’s request or mitigating customer circumstances. If a hearing is requested, the customer has the right to examine LCUB’s records maintained on the customer and have a representative at the hearing to testify and / or present evidence.

All hearings are facilitated by a Hearing Officer appointed by LCUB. The Hearing Officer will listen to all evidence and render a decision in writing. All customers are provided with a written decision in a prompt manner. At the discretion of the Hearing Officer, a hearing can be immediately referred to the Appeals Officer.

A customer only has the right for a post-termination hearing if there is not one prior to disconnection. This hearing must be requested no later than 3 business days after service termination. Customers are protected against service termination during the hearing and appeals process, even if the original termination date is prior to the hearing date.


If a customer believes the decision of the Hearing Officer is in error, an appeal must be requested no later than by 12:00pm on the day following the original hearing. An Appeals Officer, appointed by LCUB, will listen to all evidence and render a decision in writing. All customers are provided with a written decision in a prompt manner.

Fees / Penalties

During regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm), a standard charge of $25.00 is assessed for reconnection of all classes of service after termination for nonpayment. Reconnections outside of normal business hours are billed at LCUB’s actual cost.

A customer will be assessed a $20.00 fee for each returned check in a twelve month period. All returned checks in excess of 3 are assessed at $25.00 each. All customers are notified in writing when a check is returned for insufficient funds and are given 24 hours from receipt of the written notification to pay all outstanding charges. If the account is not settled within 24 hours, it is considered delinquent and service is subject to termination. Checks will not be accepted from the customer until the delinquent amount is paid. If a customer has more than three checks returned within a two year period, he or she can only pay with cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

Any ACH or credit card payment returned to LCUB will prohibit the customer from utilizing ACH or credit card payments until LCUB conducts an account review. After then account review, LCUB may not allow any ACH or credit card payments on this account, at its discretion.

All collections that occur outside LCUB offices are subject to a $15.00 fee, including those made at the customer’s premises to recover account balances that are delinquent or where checks have been returned for insufficient funds.

A penalty of $250.00 will be assessed for meter tampering, electric current diversion, and / or damage to municipal-owned property.

Service Restoration

Service can be restored by paying all penalties, fees, and delinquent charges in full at any one of LCUB’s Customer Service Centers. Payments for service restoration are NOT accepted at partner locations.
Last Revised, Effective, and Approved by the Board of Directors:  02/8/2022