LCUB Restoration Process

Our #1 goal, before any recovery process can begin is safety. We must first consider the safety of you, our customer, and the safety of our crews. If weather conditions remain dangerous, or an area is unsafe due to storm damage or flooding, we cannot dispatch crews until we’re certain the risk has passed. We ask for your patience and understanding. Once secure, we will then begin our outage restoration process as quickly as possible.

LCUB utilizes an automated response system to quickly capture all outage information and dispatch crews to begin the process of restoring electrical service. This process begins with the flow of electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to LCUB and finally to you, our customer.

Our crews begin to restore power by first inspecting and repairing transmission lines. These lines carry power to LCUB substations. We then focus on repairs to distribution lines from substations so we can restore power to public health and safety facilities, hospital, police departments, fire stations, water and water treatment facilities. We also repair lines that serve the largest number of neighborhoods, businesses, and streets in the shortest amount of time.

LCUB crews will then turn their attention to smaller lines that service neighborhoods or groups of homes, businesses, and finally they will repair outages to lines that carry power to individual homes.

LCUB will work hard to restore your power in the event of an outage. But there is something you can do to help. Please register with our Power Outage Management Services response system. Link your phone number to your LCUB account # so we can quickly locate your home or business. Call 1-844-Our-LCUB (687-5282), option 1. CLICK HERE for details.