Meter Readers

Meter ReaderEach month and during emergencies, LCUB must access your utility meters to obtain readings to ensure you are billed exactly what you used during the billing period. Providing unobstructed and easy access to your meters ensures that we are able to provide you with accurate billing and exceptional service.

If a Meter Reader is unable to access your meter due to a safety consideration or unnecessary vegetation clutter, your usage will be estimated, per LCUB’s service policy. This may result in a larger bill than your actual usage. Additionally, quick and easy access to meters may help prevent accidents from becoming even more dangerous, such as natural gas leaks.

Meter Location Safety

Please make sure that all sidewalks and other areas around meters is clear and not cluttered. During winter months, ensure that you gently remove snow and ice from gas meters as accumulated frozen precipitation could cause it to fail and potentially create a natural gas leak.

Ensure that all excess vegetation around meters is clear. Be careful, though, when clearing plants and do not use any sharp object, such as a spade or shovel, near the meter. If your meter is located inside, please ensure that a clear path is accessible to the meter.

Pet Safety

If you have a pet that you keep in the area where your meters are located, please take the necessary precautions to ensure the pet is secure and will not pose a threat to our Meter Readers. Regardless of how friendly you may believe your pet is, animals have instinctive, protective behaviors where they may become aggressive, especially if they feel that someone is threatening their owner or property. Always feel free to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives to obtain an approximate read date for your meter to ensure the safety of everyone.