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Electricity and natural gas power America’s homes and businesses and revolutionize life as we know it. Both, however, can be very dangerous and basic safety should be followed anytime you use one.

LCUB Safety First Responders Training in Knoxville

Emergencies and Outages

In East Tennessee, the weather can change with a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a tornado, severe storm, flood, or other natural disaster, an emergency can occur rapidly. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the location of shutoff valves for gas and water as well as your main electric service panel. Knowing how to turn these resources off in the event of an emergency is important.

Customers should have an emergency kit easily accessible to use in the event of an emergency or disruption of electric, gas, or water services. Kits include basic necessities such as bottled water, canned food, prescription medications, flashlights, a radio, batteries, a can opener, a first aid kit, baby food, diapers, and eating utensils. You should check the expiration dates of items in your emergency kit on a regular basis and rotate items out of the kit to avoid food expiration.

If you experience an outage or utility issue, please call our automated response system: 1-844-Our-LCUB (687-5282).
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Training for First Responders

LCUB’s Safety and Training Division hosts free training demonstrations for first responders throughout the year. The events utilize a live, energized, high-voltage, demonstration trailer to train first responders on the dangers of coming into contact with live power lines and tips for safely working on emergency scenes where live power is involved. To learn more, contact us at

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