Lenoir City Utilities Board (LCUB), is seeking a Substation Technician. This position is part of the Electric Department and is accountable to the Substation Foreman. The role of this individual is to install, maintain, upgrade, test and troubleshoot all aspects of substation equipment, control equipment and line protection.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Provide assistance in construction of substations and installation of equipment.
  • Read, reasonably comprehend, and logically follow the schematics and wiring diagrams for typical substation devices and equipment which includes, but may not be limited to, transformers, circuit breakers, relay panels, regulators, metering terminals, and Scada equipment for the purpose of troubleshooting faults, repair, or installation of these devices.
  • Maintain maintenance and test records related to substations.
  • Routine maintenance of all types of substation equipment.
  • Install and maintain SCADA system equipment including fiber optic cables.
  • Operate and maintain all equipment used in the installation, maintenance, testing, and operation of substations.
  • Perform preventative maintenance, internal inspections, and adjustments on substation equipment.
  • Process test records and maintain necessary stock of repair and replacement parts.
  • Perform switching duties both inside the substation and on associated transmission lines.
  • Placement and removal of safety tags.
  • Operate winch trucks and aerial buckets as needed to complete work assignments.
  • Install and remove power quality test equipment in residential meters, commercial transformers, industrial transformers, and substations.
  • Troubleshoot, repair, or replace capacitors, regulators and reclosers.

Marginal Job Duties:

  • Maintain standby status in event of emergency.
  • Any other duties assigned by management.

Review of Physical Demands:

  • Constantly lift and carry up to 35 pounds (i.e., hydraulic press).
  • Frequently lift up to 30 pounds (i.e., metering cabinets).
  • Occasionally lift in excess of 100 pounds (i.e., coils of power cable).
  • Constantly stand and walk to install metering cabinets, work in buckets, push and pull cables, and walk off distance for measuring wire.
  • Occasionally sit to operate company vehicles.
  • Occasionally climb and balance when standing in buckets to run power cables down to ground level transformers.
  • Frequently crouch to work in vaults.
  • Frequently twist in either direction to push wire, perform transformer work, and work out of the bucket.
  • Constantly reach and handle materials when using tools, running wiring, and making connections.
  • Frequently perform fingering activities to insert wires into test blocks and meters.
  • Possess adequate verbal and auditory skills to communicate with crew members.
  • Possess adequate visual acuity to correctly perform all wiring tasks, assemble components, and operate vehicles.
  • Possess adequate color vision to properly identify color coded wires. 

Environmental Hazards:

  • Develop tolerances to extremes in weather conditions for working in rain or emergency situations during extremes such as snow, sleet, and ice.
  • Develop tolerance for working around dirt and fumes from wire lubricant, cleaners, and degreasers.
  • Develop awareness for potential hazards when working from bucket truck or power tools.
  • Develop awareness of potential hazards when working with high voltage and take precautionary measures such as using hard hat and rubber gloves.

Education, Experience, Degrees, Certificates, or Licenses Required: (Identify each)

  • High School diploma or GED certificate, 2 year Associate Degree Preferred.
  • Completion of an accredited substation maintenance program is preferred.
  • Minimum of two years field experience.
  • Possess sufficient reading ability to interpret information from diagrams, maps, and reference booklets.
  • Possess sufficient written language ability to complete time sheets and sufficient material lists.
  • Possess mathematical skills sufficient to calculate time, meter constants, and footage of wiring (i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
  • Possess a valid applicable, commercial Tennessee Driver’s License.
  • Possess the experience and ability to identify and work safely around energized equipment, including high voltage lines, station bus or AC/DC wiring.

Please complete an employment application to apply for the position.

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