Wastewater Policy

A copy of LCUB’s standard construction requirements will be issued to the owner / developer or their designated representative at the time wastewater service is requested.

For residential, commercial, and industrial property developments (where wastewater services are requested), the owner / developer and / or builder will provide to LCUB a set of plans and specifications for the construction of a wastewater collection system. A registered professional engineer will prepare both a plan and a profile of the entire system. The plan view must show the top view of the sewer pipe, service tapes, double sweep cleanouts at the property lines, manholes, and streets. The profile will show the side view of the sewer pipe, manholes, invert elevations, street surface, and underground pips such as storm sewers, gas mains, water mains, telephone cables, and electric cables.

LCUB will make an office and field review of the plans and profile to obtain an operational overview of the system and how actual field conditions may influence maintenance. Any approved plan and profile must be signed by LCUB prior to the engineer submitting the plan and specifications to TDEC Division of Water Pollution Control for approval, prior to starting construction.

New construction, additions, or expansions of a water distribution system require that a registered professional engineer supervise the inspection of construction, testing, and certification of construction. The developer and / or owner are responsible for the cost of the inspection. The testing reports shall be given to LCUB in a written forward to include, but not limited to, the following test results: air, water, video, etc. Record drawings of the completed projected shall be provided to LCUB electronically in AutoCAD or Microstation format.

LCUB requires that the owner / developer provide a minimum one year warranty for the new construction and that a warranty inspection be done at the end of this period. All documentation of the warranty inspection must be submitted to LCUB. Upon a successful inspection and all prerequisites have been met, LCUB will accept ownership of the collection system and all other appurtenances.

During the one year warranty period, LCUB will bill the owner / developer for all repairs resulting from construction standards issues.