LCUB Renewable Energy Connections Program

LCUB is now offering a Renewable Energy Connections Program as part of its renewable energy efforts. You may choose to install solar “behind the meter” and use the generation for your home. Under this option, your renewable energy system is not directly connected to the LCUB distribution system and does not require a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) program.

LCUB does not provide any rebates, incentives. or payback with this program. The energy produced by the customer’s renewable generation system would offset energy usage for the home or business.

LCUB Renewable Application
Solar Installation Workflow
Customer Generation – Load Side Connection with Generation Meter
LCUB Facilities and Parallel Operation Agreement Residential (Draft)

Did You Know – Solar energy is a clean, inexpensive renewable power source that can be harnessed pretty much anywhere the sunlight hits the surface of the earth. And since the sun is the source of solar energy it represents a limitless source of power. By utilizing renewable energy technologies to generate electricity from resources that are infinite such as sunlight, we can never deplete that resource. The cost of solar energy is falling and in the last decade alone has fallen over 60 percent. Industry expert predict prices will continue to fall in the coming years.

Solar Calculator