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Report a Street or Traffic Light Problem

*To report a downed power line, please call 1-844-Our-LCUB (1-844-687-5282) and selected outage option #2. Crews will be dispatched immediately.

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Service Issues

If you have a problem with your service, please complete the form below so we can help resolve the problem. If you're experiencing a power outage please call 1-844-687-5282 (1-844-Our-LCUB).

NOTE: Do not use the form below to report a natural gas service issue; instead, leave the area immediately and contact us by telephone once you have safely left the premises.


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For Electrical outages, please contact us at:

1-844-687-5282 (1-844-Our-LCUB)

Water Service: (check all that apply)

Wastewater Service: (check all that apply)

Report Power Theft

LCUB works diligently to deliver safe and reliable electric service to our customers. Unfortunately, some people attempt to divert or steal electricity through meter tampering or other means. Not only is this extremely dangerous, it also increases costs for everyone. If you have observed potential power theft, please contact us [link] or complete the form below. Reports can be made anonymously and are kept confidential.

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