During A Storm

During a storm THE most important thing you can do is to stay informed. LCUB will provide outage updates on Facebook and Twitter. You can also track the latest outages near you on our Outage Map. Stay tuned to local TV and radio stations for weather alerts. Heed the warnings for your area and head to your secure place. If time allows take your pets with you. Stay there until the warnings have expired for your area.

If you’re caught outside when severe weather occurs, seek shelter in a sturdy building immediately, however sheds and storage facilities do not count as sturdy structures. It is also not advisable to take shelter under a tree. The risk of getting struck by lightning is greater by standing under a tree, plus the tree limbs or the tree itself may fall on you.

It’s safer to remain in your vehicle if caught in a severe thunderstorm. However, if caught in a tornado while driving your vehicle, if possible, drive to the closest shelter. Otherwise, abandon your car and lie low in a ditch or ravine.

Should you lose power due to severe weather, call us at 1-844-Our-LCUB (1-844-687-5282) to report the outage. Make sure you have registered beforehand with our Outage Management Services response system so we can locate you quickly. As soon as it is safe, LCUB crews will work around the clock to restore your power as soon as possible.

For more details on how to register with our outage response system, CLICK HERE.