First LCUB Broadband Customer Home in Underserved Neighborhood

Lenoir City Utilities Board announced that the first customer household went live with LCUB Fiber Broadband service on Monday, June 19. Groundbreaking construction for installation of the fiber optic broadband network began in August 2022. This new service offering is the result of LCUB’s fiber optic network upgrade that will provide electric utilities grid modernization, as well as provide the infrastructure for fiber-to-the-premise broadband services to all LCUB Electric customers.

LCUB General Manager Shannon Littleton was available to the media for interviews at the home of John and Jennifer Morris along Hope Creek Road in Lenoir City. This is the first LCUB Electric customer household to be connected to broadband services in the three-year phased rollout of the grid upgrade project. The construction of the fiber optic network was initially delayed due to supply chain issues with acquiring fiber components. When completed, all LCUB Electric customers will have access to Gig speed broadband services and more.

Pricing for 1 Gig Broadband service starts at $65 a month, with LCUB managed WiFi services available, including a gigabit wireless router and full home network setup for an additional $15 a month. Customers will also be able to add Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services soon, which allows voice calls over the internet instead of an analog phone line, as part of their broadband package. LCUB Electric customers can obtain more information about service offerings, and check the installation timeline of service availability for their neighborhood online at